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Return & Refund Policy

Important Note: Please ensure you thoroughly understand and agree to these terms before completing your purchase.


Clarification on Warranty Service:

Each of our sales representatives may offer different warranty service solutions based on their respective management guidelines. If your sales representative provides you with a different warranty service, kindly adhere to the warranty terms provided by your designated sales representative.


Assembly Requirements:

Before assembling your DIY battery pack, it is imperative to confirm that all cells matched and balanced well. Otherwise that refunds/replacements cannot be issued for incorrectly assembled battery cells or for any damage caused to cells or BMS during the assembly process.


Return and Replacement Policy:

*Replacement or Refund: Within 15 days of the product's arrival, customers are entitled to a free replacement or refund for any unacceptable damage or defective products.

*Returned batteries or other products must remain unused and in their original Docan packaging, with no signs of wear, etc.

*If damage occurs during shipping, please contact us immediately with accompanying pictures or videos for inspection. We will then explore options such as reshipping, replacement, or issuing a refund.

*In the event of a return or replacement, the shipping costs will be the responsibility of the buyer. Additionally, refunds will not cover any transaction fees imposed by the payment platform.


Charged Repairing Service:

*We offer repairing services at a fee for different durations: 5 years for EV grade A LiFePO4 cells, 3 years for other LiFePO4 cells, 1 year for BMS and accessories, and 10 years for grade A battery packs.

*If any faults or issues arise, please provide pictures or videos for inspection. We will then discuss potential solutions such as repair, replacement, or partial refund.


Exclusions from Warranty Coverage:

Warranty coverage is not provided for issues arising after assembly, such as damage caused by incorrect wiring or unbalanced assembly, nor for damage resulting from battery bulge, welding, or inadequate protection BMS during charging.


Warning Declaration for Battery Use:

*The buyer acknowledges the potential hazards associated with battery use and operation, including the risk of injury from chemicals, electric shocks, or electric arcs during operation.

*Customers are advised to adopt a cautious approach during operation to mitigate the risk of injury.

*Additionally, there is a chemical risk posed by the battery's electrolyte.


By adhering to these terms, we aim to ensure a transparent and satisfactory experience for all our customers. Should you have any further inquiries or require clarification on any aspect of our warranty service, please do not hesitate to contact your Docan sales rep.

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