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13 May EBC A40L Battery Tester Unboxing & EVE MB30 Capacity Testing Videos From Docan Amy
Zheng Hua 0 275
We're thrilled to present the new videos for EBC A40L and test EVE MB30 LiFePO4 cellUnboxing Experience: Step-by-step demonstration of the components and accessories of the EBC A40L tester.Equipment Setup: Instructions on how to correctly set up and calibrate the EBC A40L tester.Testing Procedure: A walkthrough of the EVE MB30 HSEV Grade A 3.2V Li..
07 Apr Unveiling the JK PB2A16S20P 200A Inverter BMS In USA Ready Stock Free Shipping
Zheng Hua 0 817
In the realm of renewable energy, efficiency and reliability are paramount. The JK PB2A16S20P 2A Active Balancer 200A Inverter Solar LiFePO4 Cell BMS emerges as a pioneering solution, now readily available in our USA stock , free shipping, 2-5days delivery to US area after payment. This innovative BMS not only ensures seamless communication with a ..
01 Apr Docan Amy Test Video for the New MB30 LF306 LiFePO4 cells
Zheng Hua 0 773
Latest arrivals: EVE M30 and M31! *Both models boast a whopping capacity of over 330Ah! *Fresh Stock Manufactured in February 2024.*Stocked up in our China warehouse, support original EVE test report PDF file*Don't hesitate to Contact us f you're interested! Let's power up together...
31 Mar Easter Holiday Special Promotion: Introducing the Pre-built 14kWh Solar Battery Pack!
Zheng Hua 0 1159
Dear Valued Customers, Our exclusive holiday promotion brings you the ultimate solution: a robust 14kWh solar battery pack, ready to revolutionize your energy needs. Here's what sets it apart:*A Grade Top1 Seller EVE 280K V3 LiFePO4 Cells: Experience upgraded New V3 version reliability with 16pcs of premium LiFePO4 cells from EVE, trusted by top-ti..
15 Sep Notice: Website Upgrade in Progress
Zheng Hua 0 1800
Dear Valued Customers,We're currently undergoing upgrades to enhance your browsing experience. Our website will be undergoing maintenance throughout March. If you encounter any issues with online orders or have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us(click here Contact us)Our sales team is dedicated to providing prompt assistance. ..
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