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QR Decoder

Docan LiFePO4 Battery Decoder
Docan LiFePO4 Battery Decoder


1. Find QR Code: all brand new LiFePO4 cells have metal QR Code (Data Matrix) on the cell body somewhere around poles.
For example(EVE 304Ah battery):

2. Type QR Code:there are code on the metal QR plate. Valid code has to be 24 bits (or 19 bits for recycled cells), which is usually splited into two parts. These two parts have to be combined in right order. Some cells may have other letters which are not a part of code, these letters should be ignored.
For example(Code of EVE 304Ah Cell: Combine part 1 (04QCB73812100J) and part 2 (C9S0000329) to get 24 bits code 04QCB73812100JC9S0000329):

For example(Code of CATL 302Ah Cell: Combine part 1 (001CB2400000) and part 2 (03BB40221498) to get 24 bits code 001CB240000003BB40221498):

3. Battery coding rules

Above pictures of EVE 304Ah were refered by Docan Power order in octomber,2022, please check the picture as belows:

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